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SMART - Summit Missing Animal Response Team - Helping owners recover their lost dogs, lost cats, and other companion animals


SMART is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) who's mission is to educate, coach and assist owners/gardians of missing companion animals in effective search and recovery techniques.  Through community based efforts, we help train and educate other groups (rescues, shelters and other organizations) in loss prevention and in ethical, compassionate and successful companion animal recovery.


SMART has a group of people and equipment available to assist people in the recovery of their companion animals, such as lost dogs, lost cats, as well as the more exotic (turtles/tortises, horses, etc).  The most important aspect of animal recovery is the "people" factor.  This means you need to get the word out quickly and effectively about the missing animal, through the use of appropriate posters and notification of various entities.  SMART can assist in the development of an appropriate poster, suggestions as where to post them, help identify the appropriate Animal Control Officers and Vets to notify, as well as offer suggestions as to how to look/search on your own. If you are local to us, SMART also has equipment such as traps, game cameras, bionic ear, etc, that can be used in Search and Recovery efforts.  Posters, your on foot search efforts, and other tools are usually what is most important in finding your lost Companion Animal.  


Search dogs (either tracking or air scenting) can also be useful tools - but only in conjunction with other activities.  SMART does not currently have any working Search Dogs, but can put you in contact with providers if appropriate. 


We are happy to help via phone conversations for missing pets located anywhere.  However on-site services depend on your proximity to us.  Generally speaking, we can only help with on-site services in our immediate area (South Eastern CT/Western RI) and only as we have availability.


As a non-profit organization, SMART works through general donations to support our operations.  Our advice is free over the phone, through texts and/or emails is free.  We also have cameras and other equipment for loaning out. Although we don't need a dontation from you to provide advice or other assistance, a donation to support our efforts keeps us up and running.  So please consider 'paying it forward' and making a donation.


If you have a missing animal - while you are waiting for us to contact you back, please look at our website pages, there is valuable information there you can use to start your efforts to recover yout missing animal.


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